Sorry that I haven't really been bloging today... But in the early morning we went to my grandparents cuz it takes 2 hours to drive there and we wanted to be home early :) When we drived home there was a snow storm, it was really scary cuz we saw like 4 cars that had like crashed and stuff. When we came home like 7.00 pm Frida came over and now we are just chillin, she's gonna sleepover. But we're probably gonna sleep soon cuz well, we are really tired or well at least me ;) I'll probably blog tomorrow, night! x

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OMG, love your blog!!!! :) Its so funny to read it! ANd btw, im also a directioner... We have so much stuff in common !!! :) and sofia, beautiful eyes! Take It As A COMPLIMENT!!! ;) im your hmm BIGGEST FAN!!! <3 :)

2012-01-07 - 22:01:59

Tänk på att du aldrig är anonym på internet!
*Bilder är tagna utav oss om inget annat sägs.
*Designen är gjord utav Angelica.
*Vi gör länkbyte/bloglovin byte.


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