The best moments of 2011

So I have seen that a lot of people have been doing these posts called ''The best moments of 2011'' and so on.. So I thought I would to it too ;) 

Note: these pictures are coming in a random order.

When I met the lads (best day of my life).

When I went to Dubai.

When I went to London.

I got to know/meet some really amazing girls, thank's to twitter:') Love you all very much!

When I met Frida for the first time after 5 years. And now, she is one of my bestes friends<3

So yeah I guess that was all I've got. 2011 was kind of a shitty year for me but in the end of the year it was good. Comment below telling us you favorite memory from 2011! :) x
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Postat av: Cornelia {Foto, häst, vardag]

Nu är vinnaren av dagens blogg uppe! :D Kola vem det blev! Uppehåll imorgon pga det är NYÅRSAFTON! :D

2011-12-30 - 21:25:05

Hej söt!

allt bra?

2011-12-30 - 22:51:20

Tänk på att du aldrig är anonym på internet!
*Bilder är tagna utav oss om inget annat sägs.
*Designen är gjord utav Angelica.
*Vi gör länkbyte/bloglovin byte.


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