1D stole my ♥

RT If you love One Direction..
Just some random pics of 1D ;) But guys, should we write in english or swedish? We need to know what you guys think! x


Guys! Remember to send in your picture for Zayns bday video! :D Only 4 days left to send in pictures! x

Send the picture to: samemistakes.blogg@gmail.com

So C'MON and send in pictures!

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Video tour diary :')

I can even... omg

Best of 1D 2011 :')

So this is kind of a late post but I decided to do it anyways :)

So here are my favorite videos with the boys from 2011...  NOTE: these videos are coming in a random order.

And then ofc their music videos :')
There's so many other good videos but I can't link all of them... Or I can but it would take ages ;) So yeah have a great day and I'll blogg later! x

Come one!

Remeber to send in a pic to Zayns 19th happy b-day video! :D 


and yes, Im in his phone... u jel? ;)

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That's what makes you beautiful...


More inforamtion HERE.

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The most beautiful boys

Hiyaa! Vaaaas happenin? I'm sitting here, in my room all alone and yes, have nooothing to do! 

Here you got some nice pics of the boys, I know you like it  ;)

Wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH

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Who is your favorite?

Who is your favorite?

Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam or Zayn!? 

it would be fun if as many as possible answered this, soo c'moon!

Zayn :')

So guys I thougth that I would make a fan video for Zayn for he's 19 birtday :) want to be in it.
Here is some infromation about it...

1. Send me a picture with you in it with a sign sayig for example ''Happy Birthday Zayn!'' :) You dont      have to be in the picture, the only important thing is that there is a birthday message for Zayn.

2. Send it to @ samemistakes.blogg@gmail.com

3. Everyone can enter this fan video, no matter where you live.

4. You can send in pictures untill 10 january.

So hopefully a lot of people will send some pictures! x

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Aww, take a look at this post that Lou posted! :') Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO BEAR! x

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Happy B-day :)

Take a look at this amaZAYN fan video for Louis from us Swedish directioners! :) I am in too hahaha, so u might find me ;)

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I really love this video :') x

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They are back!

Wohoooooooooooo the video diaries are back and this made me happy. Have to clean my room now with some 1D-music!

I'm taken

I just have to post this pic! It's from the boys concert.

You all can see Louis, right? 
THIS IS NOT OKAY. He's standing there in a white shirt and blue trousers. He is way to hot!
Ahh, can't get over it...

But OF COURSE all of the boys look like ... ahh, THEY ARE JUST SO HOT and so amazaaayn.
I have no words for how much I love theese lads. 

Never stop smiling


You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason why I'm smiling. I need to meet you, I gotta meet you.

I will never forget the phone call. And I can still hear thier voices in my head, and when they shouted "heeeello".
oh my god!

All I want for christmas is you - by Liam, Zayn and Louis

This is A+++!
Looooooove it!

/Angelica xx

One dream, One band, One Direction <3

So as you all know the lads has had one concert so far and tonight they will have another one (I think). Here's some peformances from their concert yesterday :)

Klick on the songs to see the performance
Sorry if some of the videos have kinda bad quality but could find any better videos...

So on the last video right here, they are performing I Want. And on everyone concert they will bring 3 girls on stage and sing I Want to them. Yeah Im not jealous, not at all...
I'll probably not blog more today, Im kinda tired so Im probably gonna go to sleep soon... :)
//Sofia x


I'm sooooooooo happy right now!! I have nooo words.. it was SO amazing and I just wanna say that i LOVE johanna and I'm so damn happy for her! This is SICK!