trololol ;)

Sorry that I didn't blog in the morning I went early in to the city with my friend Vendela. We shopped some stuff, or well mostly me. Now Im packing cuz Im going to finland today... We're taking the boat so I'm kinda in a hurry right now. I might do a post later IF there is some internet on the boat (not sure). But I promise that tomorrow there's gonna be A LOT of fun posts :) So guys, what are you wearing for new year? It would be fun to know what our readers will wear. Anyways, I have to go now or els we're gonna miss the boat. Have a great evening! x

Tänk på att du aldrig är anonym på internet!
*Bilder är tagna utav oss om inget annat sägs.
*Designen är gjord utav Angelica.
*Vi gör länkbyte/bloglovin byte.


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