In january, nothing special happened. I took some winter pics that I was quiet proud over, so here you are two of them!

In february it was the same, I took pics and yeah.. life was boring.. haha! 

In mars, I took the first "spring-pics" and our family barbecued for the first time, haha! :)

In april I took this pic, which I'm still pretty proud over. I love it. 

In may - I BECAME A FAN OF ONE DIRECTION. The best thing that I evet done. It was in the end of may, but anyway. 
It was this pic I fell in love. They have change soo much, but I love them so damn much. 

In june, I got summerbreak, I went to my aunt's summer place and I cried beacause, I couldn't go to Stcokholm and meet my boys.

So, I'll keep on tomorrow with July-December :)

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