July - December

In july, I took much pictures, I spent many days with my friends and I cried even more, because of I couldn't meet my boys. 

I met Ulrik Munther for the first time.


My family, and Johanna's family were in Gothenburg - at the same time, the boys were in Stockholm :/

And in the end of July - me, Johanna and my parents went to MALLORCA!

I started august with days at the beach and life was just so amazing!

And, then before school started I went to my aunt and uncle's summerplace - again! 

Then, school started. The summer was over and it was so many things I wished I could done, but the summer was over.

In september I saw Eric Saade live, and it was pretty cool! :)

I spent my time with friends too, but school took pretty much time of my freetime.

In october the autumn came, I took a lot of pics actually AND I met some of the most amazing girls ever. 
My girls, my 1D crew. I love you so much!

And, One Directione were in sweden, but I couldn't meet them. I was crying a whole weekend, nobody understood me.

In november, nothing special happened, but I met my 1D crew more times and I hoped that there could come some snow...

And, in december...
Well, nothing special have happened this month.. I have spent my time in school, with friends and I spent my Christmas with my family. Today it's new year's eve and in like 7 hours, it's a new year. 
And, we haven't got any snow...

I wanna say thanks to everyone who have made this year to one of the best. 
My friends mean sooo much to me and I love them!

And, even if One Direction don't know it, I wanna say thanks to them. They have changed me. I can be myself now and they have made me smile so many times during this 7-8 month as a Directioner. I really hope I'll meet them one day - dare to dream. x

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